my inspiration
All my artistic inspiration comes from my three precious children, Hudson, Macie and sweet baby Hayes.  I have always loved creating art for my babies and for their rooms as they grow.  
a little about hallie carr
For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. My mother and grandmother are incredibly talented and I guess I was next in line. I even considered majoring in art in College, but opted for marketing instead. I am not formally trained, but have an eye for detail. My husband still can't understand why I don't need a level to hang a picture.
What a gift, right? God has truly blessed me with a steady hand and an imaginative brain.

I really enjoy creating art for children. A baby's nursery is such a special place and I love the opportunity to create a piece of art that will hang for years. Recently I have been dabbling in some gallery art. This is a whole new concept for me. There are no structured polka dots or straight lines. I like the freedom of designing an abstract version of a simple concept. I have featured both of my interests in this website. With three busy children, it is a wonder how I get anything accomplished. But somehow, with His help, I can whip out a canvas or two.
I cannot wait to see where this road takes me. I hope you will join me...